The Complete Guide to Sunday Newspaper Coupons

Couponing with Sunday Newspaper Coupons

One of the “traditional” old school ways of couponing is by using coupons from the booklets, called coupon inserts that are found in the Sunday Newspapers! Yeah, it may be old school but it still works AND you can often get more than 100 coupons all at once. Super convenient and cost effective!

This guide will help you rock couponing with using the coupons from the Sunday newspapers!

Get to know the inserts, where to get newspapers and make sure to read important tips to avoid mistakes and wasting money!

Here we go!

What are Sunday Paper Coupons?

Stuffed inside each Sunday newspaper are coupon booklets called Coupon Inserts. These inserts have several pages of coupons – all different. The coupons typically range from about $0.25 to $3 or $4, depending on the coupon.

Why is this great news?

Because with low cost (or potentially free) you can get several different coupons all at once! Just buy getting ONE paper!!

The coupon inserts come out on a schedule. This means that each Sunday will have different coupon inserts: one Sunday there may be only one insert and another there may be 5 inserts!

There are 3 different, possible coupon inserts.  The names of the inserts are:

Smart Source (SS), Redplum (RP) and Proctor & Gamble (P&G)

You will see these referenced when going over a deal where a coupon from an insert is used.

For example:

Buy (1) Tide Detergent $2.99
Use (1) $1.00/1 Tide coupon from 8/7 Smart Source insert

The number 8/7 is the date of the insert. You’d find coupon for this deal in the Smart Source insert that was in the Aug 7th newspaper.

Need to Know!

Each insert has different coupons.

Coupons within the insert VARY by region.

Coupon Inserts each Sunday VARY. You can find this year’s coupon insert schedule here.

Some regions get the coupon inserts in the Saturday paper (often cheaper!)

Proctor & Gamble insert comes out ONCE A MONTH.

99% of the coupons in the inserts are MANUFACTURER COUPONS!

There are not coupon inserts on a Holiday!

In order to get MULTIPLES of the same coupon, you need to get MULTIPLE PAPERS!

e.g. If you want 4 of the same coupon, you’d need to buy/get 4 papers!

How Many Coupon Inserts Should You Buy/Get?

It depends. Some weeks there will be fewer coupons and coupons that you don’t need/want, so it would be wasteful to spend money on multiple inserts.

Some couponers choose to buy a set number each week, e.g. 4 papers. Others may buy only 1 newspaper on a Sunday when there’s only 1 insert, but 6 on another Sunday when there are 4 or 5 inserts in the paper.

Some buy papers based on the number of people in your family. e.g. 4 family members could mean buying 4 papers.

Ultimately it’s completely up to you.


You don’t need to buy 10 or 20 papers, ever really! The deals and coupons will come around again and again! Typical cycle of deals/coupons is about 3-6 months.

A good starting point!

A good place to start with is 2-4 papers, so you have 2-4 identical coupon inserts. If you want to wait until there are several inserts in the Sunday newspaper that works too and it’s smart!


Decide how many papers you are going to get next Sunday.

What do I do?

I get one Sunday paper delivered (subscription). I got a great deal on the subscription!

Early, each Sunday morning I grab the paper from the driveway and scroll through the inserts. I do this to see what coupons are in my inserts (this is important to me as the coupons vary from one region to the next). This way I know how many more papers/inserts I want to get.

If I decide to get more papers I head out to Dollar Tree to grab the papers.


To further help you out on deciding how many papers to get is to check SUNDAY COUPON PREVIEWS!

I post the coupon previews on Thursday each week for the upcoming weekend.

These previews can give you a general idea of what coupons are expected to be in the inserts. Keep in mind there are regional differences.

Alright, so now you have decided that you want to use these newspaper coupons! Next step is to figure out where to get these coupon inserts.

Where to Buy The Sunday Newspaper?

When buying the Sunday paper, I try to get them as inexpensively as possible! Who wants to pay full price right?

Here are a few options:


If your area Dollar Tree store sells Sunday Papers you pay a $1.00 for each paper! This is a great deal!

The store may limit how many papers they let you buy. I often see stores with a limit of 3, however each store can decide independently as to how many they allow you to get.


Call your store, also check/call other Dollar stores in your area to see if they sell the papers, before you head out on a Sunday morning!

Learn how much your local paper is and check grocery stores, gas stations and drug stores to see where you can get the best price!


Often a subscription to the Sunday paper is much cheaper than buying the paper at a regular price. Check if Groupon has any deals or if there are any other deals to get the Sunday paper delivered to your house cheaper than it’s to buy it at regular price.


Check Groupon and look for any specials that your newspaper may be offering! You can buy Sunday ONLY subscription!



When buying the paper, check to make sure all inserts are in there! Sometimes papers can mysteriously be missing the inserts! Sometimes they may be stolen from the papers 🙁 . You want to make sure that the papers you buy have inserts in them! CHECK EACH PAPER AT THE STORE – before you pay!


Couponers know where to get the papers! So, expect to see a lot of couponers getting their papers at Dollar Tree. On a weekend where the coupons are ah-mazing, get to the store early so you get your papers!!!

If you city has several newspaper publications CHECK EACH of them!!! Which inserts the newspaper carries CAN VARY!! You want to get the newspaper that has all possible inserts!

Where to Get The Inserts for FREE?

1. Neighborhood Newspaper

Do you get a free neighborhood paper? If you do check to see if it has any inserts. Some of the papers do, although they many not be the full versions, still it’s free!

2. Family & Friends

Ask your family and friends if you can have their coupon inserts.

3. Neighbors

Ask your neighbors if you can have their coupon inserts.

4. Check your building/apartment community

See if there is a place where they keep or have newspapers or a recycling for papers where you could score some inserts.

5. Ask your local store

The Sunday papers are picked up from your local store a few days after Sunday. Ask if you could take the coupons, as apparently they are not required to be returned. The store most likely will not let you have any on Sunday, but as long as the paper is old, it’s possible.
Also, if you have a chance to catch the person who picks up the papers and them for inserts, you may be able to score big there.

6. Chase down the newspaper delivery person

Well not literally… but if you do see him/her ask if they know of a way to get only some inserts.

7. Ask your local recycling center

Do you have a newspaper recycling center nearby? You may be able to get some from there. Always ask first!!

8. Dumpster Diving

Self-explanatory, yes? Make sure it’s allowed/not illegal in your state or city.

9. Coffee Shops etc.

Coffee shops often have newspapers that have been left behind, and there are the coupon inserts just ready to be thrown away…


If you don’t find a certain coupon that you were hoping for in the insert, don’t worry. Often you will be able to print many of the same coupons!

BE ADVISED! Getting coupon inserts from “sources”

The ONLY legitimate coupon inserts sources are from the newspaper when you buy it or if the inserts get delivered to you by the insert publisher/manufacturer!

There are no authorized or verified private sellers! Period.

Coupon manufacturers are tracking down these sellers and you as the buyer along with the seller may face legal consequences when dealing with buying/selling inserts. As a buyer you don’t know where these coupon inserts came from, and sadly often sellers are (knowingly or unknowingly) selling stolen property, compounding potential problems.