The Ultimate Guide to Coupon Terms & Lingo

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Coupon Lingo and Terms

Learn and understand coupon terms and lingo used in couponing!

Oop – wyb – ss – bogo – huh?

It can be frustrating (and not fun) trying to figure out how to grab a deal or follow a discussion of coupon pros when you have no clue what the coupon terms mean. You are not alone – it is confusing in the beginning!

Having said that, I have good news for you!

Mastering the coupon terminology is not as difficult as it seems and learning the terms is easy!

The best way to learn is to print a cheat sheet (see below) and start using the terms. Soon you’ll be reading deals and following coupon discussions like a pro.

Below you’ll find a printable Coupon Lingo Cheat Sheet to keep front and center – so you can quickly reference terms you don’t know. The cheat sheet has the most commonly used terms you’ll come across.

You’ll also find a huge alphabetical list of Coupon Terms and Acronyms on this page. (see below)
Bookmark this page, and come back anytime you run into a term you are not familiar with.

Printable Cheat Sheet!

Download and print this quick reference sheet and keep it in your coupon binder, on your desk, in your purse…

printable coupon terms lingo cheat sheet

Coupon Terms – Alphabetical List

The terms with BOLD lettering are some of the most frequently used abbreviations.

A B c d e f-icon g-icon H-icon i-icon k l m n o p q r s t u-icon w y

dollar sign

$1/1, $2/1 … – $1.00 off 1 item, $2.00 off 1 item and so on…

$1/2, $2/2 … – $1.00 off 2 items, $2.00 off 2 items and so on…

2/$5 – Two items for $5.00, in other words, $2.50 each when you buy 2. This typically means you need to buy two items to get that price indicated.


AC – After coupon. Refers to the price of an item after the coupon is deducted.


B&M – Brick and Mortar. Refers to the physical store (as opposed to online/virtual store).

B1G1 or BOGO – Buy One Get One Free sales promotion.

B2G1 or B2GO – Buy 2 to get one free sales promotion.

BD – Break Down. Example: “What’s the BD?” could be one couponer asking another for a break down of the deal.

Beep – The noise a cash register makes when it does not take the coupon that was scanned. If this happens the cashier may need check and enter the coupon information manually or the coupon may not be the correct one for the product purchased.

Berry Cart – A cash back rebate app for organic, gluten-free, or non-GMO foods. Earn cash for products purchased. More information about BerryCart.

Blinkie – A coupon that is dispensed from a machine with a flashing light (hence blinkie). The machines are located on the aisle, attached to the shelving, near the product the coupons in the machine are for.

Bricks – Refers to a type of printable coupon. The word “bricks” is in the url of the coupon – hence the term “bricks”.

Bump – A word used in a comment or reply to a thread or post to move the post to the top of the social group or forum.


Cartwheel – Target’s mobile savings program with offers from 5% to 50% off and manufacturer digital coupons, for when you shop in-store at Target. Load the coupons onto your Cartwheel, show your phone to the cashier at checkout and save.

Catalina Machine – A machine located next to the cash register that prints out coupons provided by Catalina Marketing (pictured below)

catalina machine img
CAT or Catalina – A coupon that prints from the Catalina machine. The Catalina coupon prints after you pay for your purchase. The coupons are good on your next purchase. Read more about Catalinas here.

CC – Competitors Coupons.

Checkout 51 – Cashback rebate app. New offers weekly – updating on Wednesdays at midnight. Activate a rebate offer, buy from any store, take a photo of the receipt and earn cash back! Free to join. More information about Checkout 51.

Checkout 51 Home

Coupon Database or CDB – A database to search for a specific coupon or to find out if there is a coupon for a specific product or brand.

CPN or Q – Abbreviation for Coupon. – Privately held company founded in 1998. Offers printable coupons and other promotions.

Coupon Policy – The document and guidelines regarding the acceptance of coupons. Each store/chain has their own coupon policy. The coupon policy typically includes information about coupon limits, restrictions and what types of coupons a store will accept. View coupon policies for several stores here.

CRT – Cash Register Tape. Some stores print coupons on the bottom of your cash register tape/receipt.

CS – Customer Service.

CVS – CVS Pharmacy. The largest pharmacy store chain in the US.


Double – Refers to coupon doubling. This is when a store doubles the face value of the coupon. The rules for doubling can vary by store and not all stores double coupons.

DG – Dollar General store.

DND – Do Not Double. You will typically see this written on the coupon itself.

DNT – Do Not Triple.

DQ – Digital Coupon.


EA – Each

ECB – Extracare Bucks. Specific to CVS. You can earn ECBs after you purchase certain products. They print at the bottom of your receipt and you can use them like cash/coupon on your next/later shopping trip.


ETS – Excludes Trial Size. This abbreviation is used when the language on a coupon excludes Trial Size.

E-Coupons – Electronic Coupons downloaded to cell phones or Loyalty Card.

EX or Exp – Expiration date. Often written like this with a date (exp 7/20).

f icon

FAR – Free After Rebate.

Free Item Coupon – Coupon that makes the item absolutely FREE.

Filler – Refers to an additional/extra item to be purchased as part of a larger deal. Filler items can be used to get the total amount up to a certain amount in order to use a dollar/percentage off coupon requiring a minimum purchase. Example: Buy 4 items – total $29.10 but need a total of $30.00 to earn $10 off. Use a filler item e.g $0.99 to reach the $30 requirement.

g icon

GC – Gift Card.

GM – General Mills.

h icon

Hang Tag – A coupon that is found hanging from the product.

Haul – Your couponing shopping trip. 🙂

HBA – Health and Beauty Aids. A category of products or section of store related to non-food items such as shampoo, lotion, and other personal care items.

Hopster – Hopster offers printable manufacturer coupons.

i icon

Ibotta – A Cash Back Rebate app. Unlock a rebate and after shopping redeem for cash. Free to join. More information about ibotta here.

ibotta sign up

In-Ad or IA – Refers to a coupon that can be found in the weekly ad (in ad). The weekly ads are usually located at the entrance of each store.

Inserts – Coupon booklets found in the Sunday newspaper.

IP or IPQ – Internet Printable Coupon.

IVC – Instant Value Coupon. Walgreens’ store coupons found in monthly savings books and ads.


Kroger – A large grocery store chain located throughout the Midwestern and Southern US. Kroger has several affiliate stores that go by a different name e.g. Ralph’s in CA and King Soopers in CO. Additional Kroger information.


Loyalty Card – A card you sign up for and use at a specific store. The card usually gives you additional discounts and savings.


Matchup – Also called coupon matchup. A combination of a coupon with a sale of a specific item, usually one found in the weekly ad of a store. You are matching the coupon to a sale price item to get better savings.

MIR – Mail-In Rebate.

MFR or MQ – Manufacturer’s Coupon.

MM or Moneymaker – A deal where you end up with money in your pocket – often involves using a cash back rebate in addition to using coupons.

MRP – Manufacturer’s retail price.


NCB – No cash back.

NED – No expiration date.

NIB – New in box.

NLA – No Longer Available. Most commonly used with printable coupons. Printable coupons, especially hot ones can disappear quickly and in that case, you’d see the NLA term used indicating that the coupon is gone.

NSL or NSR – No size limit/restriction


OOP – Out of Pocket. Refers to what you have to pay – out of pocket – at the register.

OOS – Out of Stock.

OTC – Over the Counter. Refers to medicine that is available without a prescription.

OYNO – On Your Next Order. Meaning, you can use the coupon or the discount on your next order. This term is often used with Catalina coupons.

OYNP – On Your Next Purchase. Similar to OYNO. You can use the coupon or discount on your next purchase.

Overage – When the value of a coupon is more than the purchase price and the store allows overage. Very few stores allow overage. The overage can be applied to your transaction or you’ll be paid the difference. Most stores adjust the coupon down to the purchase price and do not allow overage.


P&G or PG – Proctor & Gamble coupon insert. A booklet of coupons of only Proctor & Gamble products. PG inserts come out once a month in the Sunday newspaper. You will often see it written like this: 7/3 PG or P&G 07-03 or something similar. The numbers indicate the date when the coupon insert was in the Sunday paper.

Peelie / Peelies – A coupon that is attached to the product and can be peeled off and used on your current shopping trip for that product.

PM or Price Match – Refers to matching the price of a product at one store to a lower price of another store – in order to get the cheaper price. Only some stores allow price matching. Example: Soap is $2.99 at Walmart. You ask the cashier to price match to another store where the price is $1.50. You will pay $1.50 for the soap at Walmart after price matching. Note: you will need to show proof of the lower price at the other store.

POP – Proof of Purchase. Required when you send a mail-in rebate.

PP – Purchase price or Paypal

PSA – Prices starting at.

Publix – A supermarket chain founded in 1930 with stored operating in AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, and TN.


Q – Coupon.


Rain Check – A written slip of paper that entitles you to buy an item/s after the sale is over – for the sale price. You can ask for a rain check at the store when an item has run out during the sale. Very useful when you have coupons but the item is out of stock during the sale.

R – Regional coupon. Meaning a coupon or a deal is available only in a specific area or region.

Rebate – Amount paid by way of reduction, return, or refund on what has already been paid or contributed. A type of sales promotion.

Rite Aid – A national drugstore chain. The largest drugstore chain on the East Coast and third largest in the US.

RP – Red Plum insert. A booklet of coupons provided by Red Plum that are found in the Sunday newspapers. The inserts vary, they do not come out every weekend and there are regional differences in coupon values and inserts. You will often see it written like this: 7/3 RP or RP 07-03 or something similar. The numbers indicate the date when the coupon insert was in the Sunday paper.

RR – Register Reward Coupon. Specific to Walgreens. Similar to Catalina coupon. RR prints out from the machine next to the cash register – after you pay. You can use it like cash on your next shopping trip. There are few restriction and rules – more information about Register Rewards here.


Safeway – The second largest supermarket chain in North America.

Savings Catcher – see ‘Walmart Savings catcher’.

SavingStar – A cash back rebate program. Redeem purchases from participating stores or from online purchases for cash back rewards. Weekly healthy offers.

SavingStar, Inc. Save on groceries with no clipping and no printing today

SC – Store Coupon.

SCO – Self Check Out. Refers to registers in-store where you can check out by yourself without a cashier.

SS – Smart Source insert. A booklet of coupons provided by Smart Source that is found in the Sunday newspapers. The inserts vary, they do not come out every weekend and there are regional differences in coupon values and inserts. You will often see it written like this: 7/3 SS or SS 07-03 or something similar. The numbers indicate the date when the coupon insert was in the Sunday paper.

Stacking – Also called Coupon Stacking. Refers to using a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on the same product to “stack” on the savings.

Stockpile – A BIG accumulated stock of products, in this case, accumulated by couponing and held for future use.

sp example
Stockpiling – The act of purchasing, collecting and accumulating stock i.e. extra items not needed immediately.

Store Coupon – Coupon that is specific to a store and can only be used at the store the coupon is for. e.g. Walgreens coupon can only be used at Walgreens.


Tearpad or TP – A pad of coupons that is found on a store shelf or hanging in front of a store shelf.


UPC – The Universal Product Code. Found on the product packaging and is unique for each product.


Wags – Abbreviation for Walgreens

Walgreens Monthly Savings Book – A coupon booklet full of Walgreens store coupons. Comes out at the beginning of each month. Located on display at the front of the store. These coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons.

Walmart Savings Catcher – A section of the Walmart app. The Savings Catcher compares paid prices to competitor ads and gives you the difference on a store e-gift card. Scan the receipt to the Savings Catcher after purchase.

WYB – When You Buy. Example: Final price $2.00 each wyb 3


YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary. Meaning the deal may be different or not available at all stores and/or location. And you may end up driving a lot – or a little – i.e. mileage may vary – to get the deal (or you may not find it at all in your area).