In couponing you can see a LOT of abbreviations and terms! When you are first starting out with couponing it can be confusing. What do all the abbreviations mean? Don’t worry!

You’ll catch on quickly and here is a checklist for you to use as a reference, any time you need to.


RP =  Red Plum
SS = Smart Source
P&G or PG = Proctor & Gamble


$/$ = Any example of money off purchase. e.g. $5/$25 ($5 off when you spend $25 or more)
$1/1 = You will receive $1 off of ONE item – this is used for any dollar amount of a quantity e.g. $1/2 (one dollar of two items)

B1G1 = Buy one item and get an item free (Buy 1 Get 1)
BOGO = Buy One Get One Free
B2G1 = Buy Two Get One Free
B1G1 50% = Buy One, Get a second one 50% off

Catalina or CAT = Coupons that print along with your receipt – more information on Catalinas here

Closeouts = Greatly reduced items that the store will no longer carry. Great items to use coupons for.

Doubling – When stores double a manufacturer’s coupon value. For example, a $0.50 coupon doubles to $1.00. Stores have different doubling policies and some stores don’t double at all.

Ea. – Each

ECB – Extra Care Bucks (CVS Loyalty program)

ETS – Excludes trial sizes

Exp. – Expires

FAR – Free after rebate

Fillers – Misc. items you need to purchase to get to a coupon savings amount, especially when using the $/$.

GC – Gift Card

IP – Internet printable coupon

MIR – Mail In Rebate

OYNO – On your next order, term often used with Catalinas

OOP – Out of Pocket

Overage When a coupon is more than free, and will take additional money off the rest of your transaction.

Peelies – Peel off coupons found product packaging

RR = Register Rewards (specific name for Walgreen’s Catalina Coupons) – more information about register rewards here

Rolling = Roll your store “cash” over to your next transaction

Q = Coupon

Stacking = Use of manufacturer and store coupons together in one deal. Not allowed by all stores.

WYB = When you buy – you will see this: $0.25 each WYB 3, meaning the total cost is $0.75, but when you buy 3 it’s a quarter each

YMMV = Your mileage may vary OR your manager might vary – if you see this think of it this way: it’s a risk you may or may not get this deal


AC – After Coupon

Addy – Address

Blinkies – Coupon dispensers at the store with flashing lights

B&M – Brick and Mortar stores

BTFE – Box tops for education

CLFE – Campbell’s labels for education

CRT – Cash register tape (reference to coupons for CVS coupons that print on the receipt)

DND – Do not double coupon
DNT – Do not triple coupon

FSOT – For sale or trade

GDA – Good deal alert

IDSO – In desperate search of…

ISO – In search of

IVC – Instant Value Coupon (Walgreen’s store coupons found in ads)

MANU – Manufacturer coupon

NAZ – Name, address, & Zip required for coupon use

NED – No expiration date

OOS – Out of Stock

POP – Proof of purchase

PSA – Prices start at

RC – Rain check

SCR – Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid monthly rebate program)

SF – Store form (forms found only good at one store)

SMP – Specially marked packages

UPC – Universal Product Code (bar code)

Tearpad – Pad with coupons attached to product shelves

TMF – Try me free

WSL – While supplies last (no rain checks issued)