Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are becoming an increasingly popular form of coupons. They are easy to use and FREE!

All you have to do is to create an account with a store, add coupons to your account or shopper card and you are ready to shop and SAVE!


Digital Coupons are 99% of the time SINGLE USE!

Single use means that once you have added the coupon to your account and use it, it will be GONE. You can’t use it again.

There are a few exceptions e.g. Kroger often has promotions where a select number of digital coupons can be used up to FIVE times in a single transaction. (these are awesome)

Most digital coupons are MANUFACTURER COUPONS!

Manufacturers PROHIBIT the use of more than one manufacturer coupon per single item.

This means that we CAN’T use a digital coupon AND a paper coupon for the same/single item when they are both manufacturer coupons.

Some stores also offer digital STORE coupons – these can be used together with a paper manufacturer coupon for a single item.

Sometimes the store/manufacturer coupons are NOT clearly labeled! Most will say MANUFACTURER COUPON or have and M or some other identifier.

**NOTE** ShopRite allows the use of their ecoupons with paper manufacturer coupons.

Digital Coupons expire!

Each digital coupon has its own expiration date. The date is usually clearly visible on the coupon, whether you view it on the computer or via an app.

Make sure to use the coupon BEFORE it expires. Once it’s expired is GONE!

Digital Coupons are automatically applied at the checkout!

That is as long as you have ADDED the coupons to your account/shopper card!


Check the receipt before leaving the store to make sure the digital coupons were applied!

Sometimes the coupons don’t get applied (for whatever reason). Couponers often notice this at Walgreens and Dollar General, but it can happen at any store.

Each store has their “own” digital coupons

When I say “own” it means they have a gallery or selection of coupons, all or some of them are manufacturer coupons (see #1) that is specific to that store.

For example, you can only use Dollar General digital coupons at Dollar General or Kroger digital coupons at Kroger and so on.

Many stores will have several of the same digital manufacturer coupons. For example, Kroger may have $2.00 off Tide detergent digital coupons and so can Dollar General and Family Dollar and Walgreens and…

Digital Coupons Lingo

Depending on the store you can see the digital coupons called ecoupons, or load2card coupons or something else. 🙂  At the end of the day they are all digital coupons.

Adding a digital coupon to your account or shopper card can be called loading the coupon to your card or clipping the coupon – done with a mouse of finger 🙂

Digital Coupons MUST BE ADDED to your account PRIOR to checkout!

Before heading to the store or at the store, before checkout, make sure you have the coupons that you want added to your card/account!

Digital Coupons are NOT available at all stores

For example: Walmart does not offer (at this time anyway) digital coupons.

Some stores do NOT allow you to remove the digital coupons once they are added to your card

Why is this a potential problem? Because sometimes the paper coupons are better!

So if you have added a digital coupon to your card, say $1.00 off that can’t be removed and you find a paper coupon that is $2.00 off…

…you will have to use the digital coupon (or wait that it expires – if that is an option).

Digital coupons are applied FIRST before paper coupons

Digital coupons are applied before any other coupons at most stores.

You can view and add digital coupons via a computer or an app

You can see the available digital coupons either by login in to your store account online or via their app.

**NOTE** Sometimes you may see a coupon ONLY in the app or vice versa – ONLY online.

Grab FREEBIES & Special Coupons!

Several stores offer “customized” or special digital coupons! These are usually awesome!

For example: Kroger has a FREE Friday Download – each Friday you get a FREE item when you load the coupon to your card!

For Example: Dollar General has get $5 off when you spend $25 special STORE coupons – these are usually ONLY available to use on a Saturday, but they can turn the couponing trip to a really sweet one!

For Example: Walgreens has occasional special Balance Rewards points perks – get 7000 points when you spend $20 (or something similar).

These special coupons can make a nice couponing trip to an amazing one!!

The coupons don’t always follow a pattern, so make sure to keep an eye out for these special perks. (especially for Walgreens)!

Links to Digital Coupons

Walgreens Paperless Coupons

Walgreens also has an app!

You will need a Balance Rewards card (Walgreens Shopper card)!

Use either your card or enter your phone number (associated with your card/account) at checkout.

Dollar General Digital Coupons

Dollar General also has an app!

Create an account to access the digital coupons. You will use your phone number at checkout (no card)!

Family Dollar Smart Coupons

Family Dollar also has an app!

Create an account, add coupons to your account and use your phone number at checkout.

CVS coupons

Download CVS App to your phone, add coupons to your Extracare card and shop!

Rite Aid Load2Card Coupons

Target Cartwheel offers and coupons

Target’s Cartwheel has both % off offers and $ off coupons.

You can access the Cartwheel here or via Target APP!

Manufacturer Coupons (can’t be used together with paper coupons)

Cartwheel Offers (can be used together with a manufacturer coupon)

Kroger (and Kroger sister stores) Digital Coupons

Sign up/Login to your Kroger account, online or download your Kroger store’s app in order to view and add digital coupons to your account/card.

Use your card or phone number at checkout for the digital coupons to be applied to your transaction.

ShopRite Digital Coupons

Many other stores offer digital coupons as well. Check the app store or google your store to see if they offer digital coupons.